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Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and the lives around them: Sadhguru

Living an Awakened Life

Following the practice of Yoga was one of the best and most fulfilling paths that I have taken. It led me back to my true self, and to re-connect with my pure essence. The practice of Yoga is about the path to enlightenment, enabling us to live our full awakened potential from a place of love, kindness and compassion. It takes commitment, and it can be challenging, but we learn to live in harmony with our true nature. 

Healing Yoga Retreats

Our Healing Sensual Yoga Retreats in France and Spain are the perfect way to really unite the Mind, Body and Spirit and fully connect with the rhythm of Nature. Activating, and soothing all our senses to live in harmony with natures subtle energies. Uplifting yoga, aromatherapy, healing sound therapy, clean nutritious foods, meditation and the beauty of Nature, creates the perfect space to deepen the connection with our self.

Gourmet Yogi

Every breath you take, every meal you eat, every drink you drink, you are either stepping into health, nourishment and consciousness, or slowly killing your body and the environment. The overwhelming scientific research is showing us that a Plant Based Diet is vital for awakening our consciousness, healing chronic disease and pain and saving the planet. Ready to step into health and vitality? Let us help you step into the transition with ease.

Chronic Pain

Breaking the Attraction of Pain , my latest published book, offers you the new fascinating scientific research showing how the power of our mind and feelings  can affect our health and well-being. Breaking the Attachment to Pain helps you take a proactive role in your own recovery when the medical professional has no answers, allowing you to get to the root of your chronic pain and  to take control of your health and lift your pain. Available now on Amazon.

Tandy_Pengelly Breaking the attachment to pain

How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health?

How do we take control of our own healing journey?

How do we break the cycle of chronic pain?

Breaking the Attraction of Pain, offers you the new scientific research showing the power of our minds and feelings, and how they affect our health and well-being.

These stunning new scientific discoveries show us that all the cells in our bodies are affected by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. They actually regulate our genetic expression showing us that we are not victims of our genes, but that we all have an innate ability to heal.

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Yoga gives us the opportunity to re-connect with these deepest layers of who we are. To practice Yoga in the deepest sense is to commit to developing awareness by observing our lives, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Yoga practiced at this deeper level offers us happiness, compassion and health. Join me on this journey, and let me help and guide you to dive deeper into the true practice of Yoga.

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