Yoga Retreats

Retreats for 2019

Yoga and Hiking Retreat in the French Pyrenees

This is the third year I have run this rejuvenating retreat because I love this part of France and this amazing venue.......5 days (6 nights) of energizing vinyasa yoga and nurturing yin yoga with aromatherapy and crystal singing bowls, hiking, meditation and excellent organic nutritious vegan food. The perfect chance to relax, unwind and re-energize in the beautiful Pyrenees mountains.

Yoga, Meditation, Mountain Hiking in Spain 


Time to connect back with nature, ourselves and our health. A week of beautiful scenic walks in this stunning part of Spain, a week of energizing and nourishing yoga and sunset meditation, and a week of nutritious and delicious  food....with a glass of organic wine. FULLY BOOKED

Sensual Yin Yoga Retreats: Dates to be released.

Each Retreat will focus on renewing yin poses to detoxify the mind, nourish the heart, and open up the body’s connective tissues, releasing trapping tension and stress. Essential oils will be diffused and applied throughout the experience to enhance the body’s healing capacity, cleanse the heart of emotional toxins, and gently rejuvenate the body from the inside out. And each session will be completed with the uplifting sound bathing of Healing Crystal Bowls. Each venue is chosen to emerge us back into the meditative energy of nature. Each sense is balanced awakened and energised.

 Nutritional Healing Yoga Retreats: Dates to be released soon

Centuries ago, Hippocrates (the ancient Greek physician), was famous for stating that, "all disease begins in the gut". It really is a 'truest truth' that has been sadly forgotten in today's medical world. So what does this actually mean?

It means that if you're suffering from any kind of discomfortimbalance or disease, the first thing to consider is your internal health. It starts with cleaning up your diet to help ensure that your alimentary canal (digestive system) is consistently clear.

This Healing Retreat gives you the tools and knowledge to start working from the internal aspects of our health. But also looking at how yoga, meditation and sound healing is a vital part of an overall healthy lifestyle.