Yoga Teacher Training School

Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit.....but only when you commit to your practice do these words become a reality.

Although Yoga is not simply a form of exercise but an extremely important agent of transformation, its physical benefits are innumerable.

  • When looking for a slim toned body, we find a calm, clear mind.
  • In searching for strength and stamina we find increased determination and concentration.
  • Craving to be free from back pain, we find freedom from compulsive anxiety.
  • Seeking relief from arthritis we find unlimited reserves of physical and mental energy.
  • In trying to release tight shoulders and a stiff neck we understand our compulsive clinging to tension and stress.

As a form of exercise it is has endless options, and unlike most other forms of exercise it offer the full-range of benefits-not only developing flexibility but also strength, stamina, and vitality, working on not only the muscles but also joints, internal organs, connective tissues.

Feel Your Practice Breath Your Practice Share Your Practice

Yoga cleanses and purifies the body of all its stored toxins, with its controlled mindful movement, therefore is the perfect fitness tool. But if you rest at this point, your practice becomes empty and resting in the ego mind. Yoga is not simply a physical practice. But by really feeling the movement of the body, you can recaliberated, harmonized, revitalized, and reach its functional peak, unreachable by any other physical movement.

The primary purpose of Hatha Yoga is to allow us to get completely in touch with who and what we are.  'When you are in a state of Yoga, or Wholeness, you rest in your own true nature'. Book One of the Yoga Sutras- Verse 3 translation.

To practice Yoga in the deepest sense is to commit to developing awareness by observing our lives, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

You don't have to be super flexible to be a Yoga Teacher.......If you live your individual Yoga practice with authenticity and commitment, then you can teach Yoga,  ....I am here to help you practice and teach with Compassion and Confidence

2018 Course is now full. June 2019 dates released soon